John 18:19-27

Arlin Sorensen's Thoughts on Scripture

In John 18:19-27 Peter has just denied Jesus the first time, and the Savior was standing before Annas who was his father-in-law of Caiaphas the High Priest and served as the second in command.  “Inside, the High Priest began asking Jesus about his followers and what he had been teaching them.” The grilling begins about who Jesus was and what He has been teaching the disciples.  Jesus just responds with the truth. “Jesus replied, “What I teach is widely known, for I have preached regularly in the synagogue and Temple; I have been heard by all the Jewish leaders and teach nothing in private that I have not said in public.”

It’s not like Jesus has been hiding or teaching in secret.  He often was in the synagogue teaching those who were there.  So He is a bit confused as to why they were asking the question.

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