Research shows link between civil and military nuclear in UK



Major attention is being given to research by Prof Andy Stirling and Dr Phil Johnstone, which shows there is a link between the UK’s military submarine-related nuclear activities and civil new build agendas.

They identify that the need to maintain submarine nuclear capabilities in the military sector has played an influential role in the UK’s decisions to champion nuclear power. The findings have been profiled in a Guardian news story (12 October 2017), which highlights the potentially “extremely expensive” cost of this subsidisation for electricity consumers.

In investigating military documentation, the authors found previously unacknowledged links between civil and defence programmes. Their findings provide a compelling explanation for the UK’s resolute commitment to new nuclear energy projects (such as Hinkley Point C), despite the widespread criticism of its economic and technical feasibility.

In written evidence submitted to the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Inquiry on Hinkley Point…

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Free medical outreach for people of Sokoto, Nigeria by Christian Medical teach

The medical outreach by the Christian Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria – Sokoto Chapter and the Usmanu Danfodio University Teaching Hospital chapter, in collaboration with Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, began formally with prayer.


Present at the flag off were Most Rev. Dr. Matthew Hassan Kukah, Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, the representative of the Sultan of Sokoto, and Prof. Dan Aliyu, the Chairman of Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria Sokoto Chapter. Also present was Dr. M. P. Agu, Chairman of the Outreach committee.

Prof. Dan Aliyu thanked all who gathered for the Outreach and enjoined them to believe that God will heal them. According to him, 90% of the outreach was sponsored by the Teaching Hospital chapel comprising Catholic Christians.


On his part, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah encouraged the people of Sokoto to take advantage of the Outreach.  He lamented that everyday people die in Nigeria of different ailments because they do not have the resources to go to hospital.

He praised the medical personnel for giving time to attend to the health needs of people of Sokoto, irrespective of religion. Many of the doctors he observed are not indigenes of Sokoto State.

The bishop quoted the words of the Sultan during the commissioning of the hospital that “Mosquitoes does not know a Muslim or a Christian” therefore, sickness does not know religion. He appealed to the medical doctors to continue with the good work they had started because “evangelism does not only belong to the religious but to every one of us through our little contributions to the society or the community where we find ourselves”.



Astra vs GeneratePress vs Schema: Which Theme Is Most Suitable For Your Blog?

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To run a blog successfully, you need to look beyond writing and publishing content. There are many other factors, such as blog’s design, loading time, mobile responsiveness, search engine friendliness, etc. that Google takes into account while crawling a site and placing it in search results. Based on the overall score concerning these factors, some sites are ranked on the first page while others get disappeared over time.

If you aspire to build a long-term successful online business, then pay close heed to them. There are two ways to forge ahead — you can either look into all these ranking factors manually one by one or install a perfectly coded WordPress theme that does the job for you.

Make sure you go for the second option as it is less time consuming and far more sustainable as compared to writing codes manually.

Given the number of themes available in the…

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