There’s Hope Waiting For Nature In The Dark

Alluring and inviting Cheche.

Cheche Winnie


I was the happiest person as I watched residents of Mida Creek narrate how conservation education and awareness has enabled them to embrace conservation of the environment. Mangrove deforestation has been the major threat to this amazing ecosystem and that’s how the watamu marine association and other stakeholders have been working tirelessly to educate the community on the importance of conserving it. The community has responded positively and are willing to learn the alterative way of earning their daily bread that does not involves killing the environment. They are have also come up with projects that help to plant mangrove nurseries for replanting. There are women projects that offer tour guiding through the walk board at fee, they get to educate the visitors on the importance of mangroves and the ecosystem at large.

Walk boardThis is great news for conservation. Mangroves helpes to absorb the carbon in the atmosphere hence very vital…

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