Self-Doubt is Sabotaging Your Leadership. Here’s How to Break the Cycle and Lead With Confidence

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Are you a failure if you are poor?

A Better Man

I was asked this question by one of my friends. The reactive answer is no but perhaps the question is more of why.

Failure ranks highly on the list of human anxieties. Unlike other top fears — like flying and death — fears about failing relate to a deeper psychological concern for our well-being and loved ones. The drive to pay bills and sustain one’s family, after all, weighs heavily on human motivations, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. So the bottom line when it comes to the fear of failing? Poverty, plain and simple.

But that doesn’t mean being poor should ever be equated with being a failure.

Poverty is often seen in absolute terms, as in those with less than $1.25 per day. In reality, though, poverty is relative. The concept of “relative poverty” sees it defined in relation to the economic status of others. It’s the opposite…

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Ephesians 5

Arlin Sorensen's Thoughts on Scripture

Ephesians 5 is a powerful chapter where Paul addresses some important topics for each of us.  He begins by giving us an overall principle:

Walk as children of light….try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord….Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil”.  Life can’t just be lived on autopilot.  We have to focus on how we live. Life shouldn’t just happen to us.  We need to be intentional in how we happen to life.  We need to inspect how we use our time and be sure we are maximizing it because time is limited and short.  It isn’t just about getting through life, it’s about walking with God through life!

Paul shows us what it looks like to live a Spirit filled life.  “Be filled with…

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The Moirai (Moerae)-” Decide Fates Or Person’s Destiny”


The Moirai (Moerae), also referred to as the Fates, represent the idea of “destiny” in Greek mythology. The Ancient Greeks had a habit of creating deities to represent abstract concepts as a way of explaining their world. However, the Moirai do more than just represent destiny – they are the personification of it. It is understood that the Moirai controlled people’s lives in different ways from the time they were born to the time they died.

It is interesting to note that the word, Moirai, meant a portion or a part of a whole in Ancient Greek. The connotation here is that it referred to a portion of a bounty, as would be the case if people were to divide up a treasure. Thus, the Morai were seen as being keepers of a person’s destiny, or her specific allotment of life. Here’s more information about who the Moirai were…

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Tallying the Clinton Rap Sheet  


One of Trump’s big campaign promises was to make Hillary Clinton face justice. He has made moves to that end by restructuring the Department of Justice and getting rid of the clearly compromised Comey, but true justice still seems far away.

Until she announces her next presidential bid, we have to endure an endless media tirade that is built to distract us from some of the greatest crimes we’ve seen in the 21st century. To keep that distraction at bay, here’s a brief reminder of just a few of the Clinton’s worst crimes since Bill’s presidency.


Even for conservatives, it sometimes feels like the emails were talked to death. But, you can’t have a serious discussion about the Clintons without broaching this topic. Hillary Clinton’s overwhelming technological ineptitude was her political downfall, so the topic of emails will always circle back into discussion. Leaked emails are the hard evidence in most of the cases against her and organizations she brought to ruin, but the true crime was the personal server and mistreatment of classified information.

You’ve likely heard all of the arguments on many occasions, so we’ll do a simple recap. Whether Clinton intended to mishandle sensitive information is irrelevant. Any person in the military who committed a fraction of her crime would have been dishonorably discharged at minimum, with serious treason charges very likely.

Anyone other than Clinton wouldn’t have just been convicted, they would have been used as an example to the rest. For her to get off with no consequences whatsoever is one of the greatest injustices Americans have seen this century. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only way she makes that list.

Uranium One

This is probably the scariest crime on Clinton’s rap sheet. In case you’ve missed the finer details, Uranium One is a Russian-owned company that currently controls 20 percent of the U.S.’s uranium supply. How could this happen? It’s a convoluted story, but ultimately Hillary Clinton used her connections through the Clinton Foundation and her power as Secretary of State to secure the deal. When Uranium One was first awarded its contracts, it was not owned by Russians. A later buyout was approved by Clinton’s state department.

The disturbing evidence in this case continues to pile. The left tries to dismiss the whole issue because fail safes have prevented the uranium from being transported to Russia, but the deal itself is rife with misconduct. The Russian company that purchased Uranium One was a major contributor to the Clinton Foundations. We’re talking tens of millions of dollars here.

Hard evidence of bribes, money laundering, fraud and other crimes is tied to the deal. There is even a photo of a suitcase full of cash changing hands to make things go more smoothly. It sounds like it’s straight out of a Bond movie. Instead, it’s the reality of the Clintons in power. So far, they haven’t smelled even a whiff of ramifications.

The Clinton Foundation

Unfortunately, Uranium One is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to wrongdoings committed by the Foundation. At best, the Foundation has misappropriated 80 percent of its funds over the last 2 decades. For a nonprofit, that’s a pretty serious crime. In fact, multiple tax filings have been shown to miscount tens of millions of dollars. No one knows where any of the misplaced money went, but we can all easily imagine.

In the worst case of mismanaging money, the Foundation raised and handled over $13 billion for Haiti relief after the major earthquake. Only $500 million of that made it to Haiti. The rest was redirected to foreign entities, mostly in return for favors and bribes granted to the Clintons.

This is the crux of the evil that is the Clinton Foundation. It’s ultimately a front that foreign powers can use to buy access to (formerly) one of the most powerful families in modern American history. Countless examples exist of American enemies making large contributions to the foundation only to be rewarded with a meeting with then Secretary-of-State Clinton.

In every case, the donors were rewarded with contracts, favorable American negotiations or American “aide” that far exceeded the amounts donated. Vladimir Putin himself used the Foundation to gain favor in the wake of Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea.


The last of the great Clinton crimes is none other than Benghazi. Of everything they’ve done wrong, this is the case where Hillary Clinton directly killed Americans. Leaked emails (no surprise here) have shown unequivocally that she knew of the dangers and had access to preemptive and responsive solutions. Instead, she did nothing at all, and Americans died. It was a clear act of treason, and she has faced no consequences at all.

If this rap sheet seems short, it’s only because the full list wouldn’t be readable. We’re ignoring pretty much all of Bill Clinton’s crimes that include rape and illegal acts of war. At least he faced a court before he was relieved of any responsibility for a lifetime of evil. Hillary hasn’t even seen that much. Her only punishment is that she couldn’t trick the American people into voting for her.

We’re also skipping right past the potential election fraud and general corruption of the DNC. The DNC has had to lie in the bed they made with that mess. We also don’t have time to discuss the obvious corruption between the Clintons and major media outlets. Her efforts alone have corrupted the First Amendment.

In the end, Trump might eventually get an investigation off the ground, but so many Americans (or should I say silly liberals) are caught up in the misdirection of media frenzies that he won’t get enough support. Even if an investigation happens, the Clintons will likely get off scot free. It is only in history books that they might eventually be condemned for the decades of violence and corruption that they forced on this great nation

Hillary Paid Millions to Silence Witnesses

The Russian dossier scandal is far more serious than anyone had guessed. We now know that the Clinton 2016 campaign paid Fusion GPS to develop the phony “dossier” which claimed that Trump was caught with a prostitute. There is also evidence the Fusion GPS paid reporters to cover the story which came to be known as ‘Pee-pee Gate.’ They also paid Christopher Steel to create the dossier- and Steel paid his sources to tell him what he wanted to hear in order to come up with the story that Hillary and the DNC were looking for. According to the CIA, Steel paid Russian sources quoted in his dossier and never met with them directly. He interviewed them through intermediary channels.

So, if you weren’t sure from the outset that the story was bogus when it was publicized a year ago by the click-bait slinging Buzzfeed, you can be sure of it now.

To make it brief, Hillary paid Fusion GPS, Fusion paid Steel, and Steel paid anonymous Russian sources to create the bogus story about Donald Trump getting golden showers from a Russian prostitute. On top of this, Hillary also paid a number of witnesses to these exchanges to hush up about it. These bribes came out to around $800,000 – nothing more than chump change for the Clinton Foundation founder. And since much, if not all, of the information in the dossier, was false- it appears to be likely that someone in this chain of corruption carefully guided the Russian sources to deliver the right kind of information.

In case we haven’t yet been completely clear – Hillary Clinton paid to create the pee-pee gate dossier by colluding with Russians in order to skew the election.

This means we now have proof that Hillary was actually colluding with Russia in order to manipulate the election results. If there’s one thing you can count on with Democrats, it’s whatever accusations they are making- they themselves are guilty of that very thing.

Kind of makes you wonder who actually got the golden showers.

When you think about it, this is really just the story according to Democrat conspirators who couldn’t cover it up anymore. A more likely scenario would be that the intermediary sources that Steel used to communicate with the Russian sources were probably controlling the narrative as directed by Hillary herself.

The idea that some Russian “sources” would come up with the pee-pee story on their own seems unlikely- and it isn’t hard to imagine Hillary thinking it up and laughing about the effect she expected it would have on Trump’s presidential campaign.

It took just over 1 million dollars to pay off everyone involved. This is even more interesting in light of the fact that Donna Brazile’s new book reveals that Hillary had control over the DNC’s cash flow even before the race officially kicked off last year. Brazile writes that no one really understood or questioned why the Clinton campaign was in control of the DNC’s coffers. Now we may know why- she needed it to create falsified news stories about Donald Trump. But what we don’t know is how she obtained so much control over the DNC so early.

It’s interesting to look at who the actual Russian sources paid by Steel are. According to the dossier, source A was a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure; source B was a former top-level Russian intelligence officer who is still active in the Kremlin; source C was a senior Russian financial officer, also still active in the Kremlin; and source D was identified simply as a Kremlin official. In other words, they were spies. At the risk of being overly redundant; Hillary Clinton paid Russian spies to create a BS news story to alter the results of the election.

How can we make this more clear?

It’s frustrating. We’ve been saying for over a year that the whole Russian hacking story is nothing but a cover for corruption in the DNC. And we weren’t the only ones. They were saying it on Fox News, Info Wars, Breitbart, and any number of outlets that the mainstream media calls “fake news.” True, we didn’t have the details until now- but it was really rather obvious.

What we probably didn’t exactly expect was that the Democrats would actually be guilty of everything they were laying at the feet of Trump, his family, his campaign, and his supporters.

There’s more to the story of the dossier, of course. Once the bogus file was created, there was a frantic effort to push it on the public. The MSM was more than willing to carry the DNC’s tainted water for them- but there was still a lot of effort behind the push to promote pee-pee gate and the Russian hacking fabrication.

A great deal of footwork went into disseminating the story, and making sure it was told in the way the Clintons wanted it to be told. And on top of that, there was all the PR work that went into resisting the pushback to the story.

With a view to all of this effort it makes you think that maybe Hillary wasn’t slacking off on the campaign trail. Maybe she was working overtime pushing her bogus dossier. That would explain all of her apparent downtime, the health problems, the drinking, and her beleaguered affect during those long months.

Hillary Clinton and the DNC did everything in their power to defeat the opposition- including Sanders- everything other than play fair. They used every underhanded tactic they could think of. They did everything they accused others of doing. They played it as dirty as they possibly could. Rather than debate, and stump, and win real votes- they cheated and lied and cheated… and lied again.

At least 50% of Americans knew it the whole time. They knew it despite the vociferous lies spewing out of the MSM. And now we have proof.

The one remaining question is- will Obama administration holdovers be able to protect Clinton from prosecution now that the lies are finally revealed?