Are All Sexual Harassment Perverts Democrats?

Are All Sexual Harassment Perverts Democrats?
With Entertainment Industry male sexual harassers the Numero Uno story of our day, and their identities now outed—even though it took many of their victims more than 20 years to shine the spotlight on them—shouldn’t someone be asking the question: “Are all Hollywood pervs Democrats?”

Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Dustin Hoffman

Isn’t it noteworthy that the Big Three grabbing the most headlines of late Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Dustin Hoffman are all Clinton supporters and Clinton friends?

“Kevin Spacey says he has a “close” relationship with Bill Clinton,” Ryan Saavedra Tweeted today.

“Says he did a lot of things privately for him on his campaign and other events.”

We knew from the get-go that Weinstein donated to Clinton and the Clinton Foundation over $295,000 that for all of her claims of being a champion of women, she hasn’t paid back. A picture of Clinton sitting with Weinstein and her senior advisor Huma Abedin with the cutline: A sexual predator surrounded by two women who supposedly fight for women’s rights, that are both married to sexual predators. has gone viral over the Internet.

 Clinton sitting with Weinstein and her senior advisor Huma Abedin

Now that Spacey’s been dragged out as an admitted sexual abuser of a 14-year-old boy,  Harvey’s old hat.

“Kevin Spacey ‘is taking time out to seek treatment’ after three men accused him of making unwanted advances and sexual assault.” (Daily Mail, Nov. 2, 2017)

Harvey was in rehabilitation for one week and not for the long haul.  We don’t know how long Spacey’s “time out” to seek treatment will be, or whether he’ll be taking his cell phone to keep in touch with Bill Clinton with him.

And now it’s Dustin Hoffman accused of sexual harassment against a 17-year-old intern in 1985, followed up by accusations by a second alleged victim within days.

“Dustin Hoffman—Hillary Clinton will be our next President!”

“Secretary of State Hillary Clinton WILL be the next President of the U.S. … at least if Dustin Hoffman gets his way. (Perez Hilton, Dec. 4. 2012)

While out and about in DC Monday, Dustin was asked if he’d ever co-star alongside Hillary Clinton in a movie — since she is stepping down as Secretary of State.

To which the legendary actor replied:

“No because I think she’ll be IN office.”

Dustin’s meaning was perfectly clear.

He winked and nodded his head when the reporter asked if he was indicating that Hillary will be voted President in 2016.


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“Before Kevin Spacey got into character as Francis Underwood, the fictional congressman who by the third season of “House of Cards” has murdered and manipulated his way into the Oval Office, he liked to portray a real-life president: Bill Clinton. (NY Times, Feb. 20 2015)

“We, in fact, have spent so much time together that sometimes I even become him,” Mr. Spacey said last fall at an event in Little Rock, Ark., to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the William J. Clinton Presidential Center.

“I’m from a place called Hope,” Mr. Spacey said as he feigned Mr. Clinton’s Arkansas accent, which sounded vaguely like Underwood, who is from South Carolina.

“Let me tell you one thing, I love that ‘House of Cards’ — it’s so good,” Mr. Spacey continued in his Clinton voice. “Ninety-nine percent of what they do on that show is real, and the 1 percent they got wrong is that you could never get an education bill passed that fast.”

“Mr. Clinton joined Mr. Spacey onstage, and a bromance between the two men ensued. Mr. Clinton grinned widely, relishing the impersonation. He put his arm around Mr. Spacey.

“It was only the latest public display of affection between an actor, who is currently best known for portraying one of the most morally bankrupt presidents ever to come out of Hollywood, and a former president, who ever since he played the saxophone on “The Arsenio Hall Show” in 1992, has had a special bond with the small screen.

“Mr. Spacey, a Democratic donor, first met Mr. Clinton in the White House during his first term. In two industries — politics and entertainment — known for fleeting friendships of convenience, the men seemed to genuinely bond. They stayed in touch and grew closer in Mr. Clinton’s post-presidency, talking a couple times a month and collaborating often on philanthropic work. It’s a relationship that is well known to those close to Mr. Clinton and that has become evident since I began covering him and his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton. If you look closely at the décor in Underwood’s office on “House of Cards,” you’ll see a photo of Mr. Spacey and Mr. Clinton at dinner together plugging away on their BlackBerrys. The photo is likely to move to the White House with President Underwood in Season 3, which will begin streaming on Netflix on Feb. 27.


“Of all the TV shows for Mr. Clinton to be associated with as Mrs. Clinton prepares for a 2016 presidential campaign, the coldly cynical depiction of Washington in “House of Cards” might not be the best for political optics.”

“Still, the Clintons have not been shy about their ties to “House of Cards.” Last summer, Mrs. Clinton told People magazine she and Mr. Clinton “totally binge-watched” the first season. After a crushing travel schedule as secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton said part of the appeal was “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe we can just sit here and do this.”

“The connection extends beyond Mr. Spacey and Mr. Clinton’s friendship. Before he became a TV writer and playwright, the “House of Cards” creator Beau Willimon worked as an intern on Mrs. Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign.

“Jay Carson, a political consultant on “House of Cards” and a college friend of Mr. Willimon, worked as a press secretary to Mr. Clinton and served as Mrs. Clinton’s traveling press aide during her 2008 presidential campaign.

“Mr. Spacey’s relatively public friendship with Mr. Clinton began around the time of his 1996 re-election campaign. Today, Democrats must be careful not to appear too cozy with liberal Hollywood, lest they seem out of touch with a struggling Main Street. But during the Clinton years, Tinseltown swooned over the first couple, who represented a Democratic break after 12 years of Republican leadership. David Geffen and Barbra Streisand were invited to spend nights in the Lincoln Bedroom, and Mr. Spacey became a fixture on the inauguration and fund-raising circuit.

“After he left office, Mr. Clinton brought Mr. Spacey into his global philanthropic work through the Clinton Foundation. The two men helped struggling Lower Manhattan businesses in the aftermath of Sept. 11. They went on a five-day swing through Africa together to promote efforts to fight AIDS and joined Nelson Mandela onstage to address a crowd of teenagers about H.I.V. awareness. The British news media spotted them having dinner at a McDonald’s in London, sharing chicken nuggets as only old friends would.

“Mr. Spacey and Mr. Clinton, both known as expert raconteurs, appear to enjoy candid conversations and debates about politics and books they’ve read.

“For all its villainy, “House of Cards” could also be instructive. At a time of partisan gridlock in Washington, Frank and Claire do manage to get a sweeping education bill passed, impeach a sitting president and start a fiery national debate about military sexual assault, all while sharing the occasional cigarette together in the windowsill of their townhouse.

“I wish things were that ruthlessly efficient,” President Obama told a group of tech executives including Reed Hastings, the chief executive of Netflix, who gathered at the White House last year. “I was looking at Kevin Spacey. I was saying this guy is getting a lot of stuff done.”

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Kevin Spacey Prank Calls Hillary Clinton

Doesn’t anyone find it more than coincidental that not only the alleged Hollywood sexual harassers but their victims are Hillary Clinton friends?

Some, including alleged Weinstein victim Ashley Judd marched last January 21 in the Big Women’s March.

Judd made no mention of being sexually harassed by Weinstein in her Women’s Day March diatribe, instead accusing President Donald Trump of lusting after his daughter, Ivanka.

Framing Trump as a misogynist and worse seems to be the mission of Hillary and Friends.

As Julian Assange Tweeted:

Why haven’t Judd and other alleged Weinstein victims asked Clinton, a supposed champion of oppressed women, about her friendships with Weinstein, Spacey and

And now Joseph Watson’s Prison Planet has outed Spacey as a passenger on the “infamous ‘Lolita Express’ – the private jet owned by pedophile Jeffrey Epstein – along with former President Bill Clinton.

“The revelation has resurfaced in the aftermath of claims by actor Anthony Rapp that Spacey sexually assaulted him when he was a 14-year-old boy after a party at Spacey’s apartment in 1986 when Spacey, then 24, picked up Rapp, placed him on his bed and climbed on top of him.

“Spacey subsequently apologized for the incident, but deflected by making the story about how he was now living as a gay man.

“The media dutifully obliged and the gravity of the sexual assault claim has been obfuscated to some extent by the press focusing on the House of Cards actor’s sexuality.

“In 2008, financier Jeffrey Epstein, whose friends included some of the most powerful people on the planet, was convicted of soliciting an under-age girl for prostitution.

“Spacey was on board Epstein’s private jet with Bill Clinton when it flew from JFK Airport into the Azores before the former President and the actor enjoyed a tour of Africa.”

Why has Hillary Clinton, a self-declared champion of women and children, had nothing to say about health official reports on the record increase in infections from three sexually transmitted diseases?

“More than 2 million new cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis were reported in the United States last year — the most ever. (CNN, Sept. 26, 2017))

“The diseases are treatable with antibiotics.

“Rates for all three have been rising for several years. “Health officials have said better testing and diagnosis have helped increased detection of cases, but also that treatment and prevention programs have been hurt by budget cuts.

“Chlamydia is the most common, with nearly 1.6 million cases reported last year. About 470,000 gonorrhea cases were reported, and 28,000 cases of the most contagious forms of syphilis.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the numbers Tuesday.”

With the sexually harassed victims of Hollywood popping up like dandelions in Spring, Hillary Clinton is still hanging out with their alleged predators.

Something’s very off here and the MSM’s not telling you.

Wolf Blitzer, the anti Trump lead protagonist at the CNN, how far?

Wolf Blitzer shocked – shocked I say! – to find out that the DNC rigged the primaries

Casablanca:  Wolf Blitzer shocked - shocked I say! - to find out that the DNC rigged the primaries
If you were awake during the 2015 Democrat primaries, you’ve known they were rigged since day one.  It was painfully obvious that the plan was to put Hillary on stage with a couple of no-name Dems and hand her the nomination.  Heck, at one point her only competition was Lincoln Chafee – a guy whose entire campaign revolved around the values of metric system.

Then Bernie came along and – almost like some kind of left-wing anti-Trump – upended their plan.

As I wrote at the time, they were never going to let Bernie be the nominee. He was never one of them, and no matter how much their socialist base loved him, they had no intention of letting him take the top slot.

Bernie was unceremoniously dumped, Hillary became the nominee, and we all know what happened after that.

Like I said, if you were awake you knew the inevitable outcome.  Heck, even if you were half-awake (like Bernie) you knew that was the only way for things to end.

Wolf Blitzer was, apparently, not awake.  He thinks the revelation that the DNC and Hillary rigged the primary is “shocking.”

He asked Indiana Rep. Andre Carson about these totally-shocking-and-not-at-all-completely-predictable allegations. Pop the corn and watch, as it becomes clear that Rep. Carson really doesn’t want to respond:

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