Undercover Video Exposed NY Times, Staff Admits Anti-Trump Bias

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If viewers are aware of the Times’ former reputation as the most-trusted paper in America, this clip may shatter what’s left of their faith in it as a trustworthy news source or news-gathering operation of any integrity. That’s because conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas sent undercover reporters to get information from Times employees.

What O’Keefe found out is shocking, disturbing and most angering and involves not just the Times itself, but leaders in the Democratic Party and in the FBI — all the way up to the top tiers of these organizations. In fact, you have to wonder as you watch this explosive exposé how much of what O’Keefe reveals was known inside the Times and was given the paper’s implicit OK. There are multiple violations of the Times’ own handbook of journalistic standards and major conflicts of interest that even a small hometown newspaper would rightfully be ashamed of.

But for such an august institution, what O’Keefe shows are major revelations that serve as irrevocable proof that the nation’s “paper of record” has distanced itself further from the beacon of virtue that it used to be considered. The Times may be 167 years old, but if O’Keefe’s videos are factual, there’s every reason not to give credence to any article the paper puts in print.

Watch, as this intrepid filmmaker gives us one of the more important stories of the year so far.