Mother, 21, whose abandoned newborn was found covered in ants says she didn’t want to be a mother

Such cruelty to an innocent baby!

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A mother accused of dumping her baby girl in a bush told prosecutors she didn’t want to be a mother and doesn’t want to see her child.
Sidney Woytasczyk, 21, is charged with child abandonment after abandoning her newborn in a flowerbed near her Houston apartment.
Prosecutors say she gave birth to the child in her kitchen, cut the cord and left it exposed to the elements in a flowerbed to stop her oblivious boyfriend from being scared away, according toABC 13.

She was arrested arrested a passerby spotted the baby, covered in ants and called the cops.

During the 21-year-old’s second court appearance, at Harris County, on Wednesday she told investigators she did not want to be a mother and did not want to see her baby.

The infant is currently in the ICU and being treated for a bacterial infection after Woytasczyk ripped the placenta in two. The…

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