Train Wreck: Trump Reposts Another Image Attacking CNN


trump-retweet-train-killing-reporter-cnn-deleted_gi5iqhdonald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedI previously was highly critical of President Donald Trump for his reposting a video from his appearance at a professional wrestling bout that was altered to look like he was beating down CNN.  With the rising anger and attacks directed at the media, the posting was irresponsible and inflammatory.  While I have criticized some in the media for open bias in its attacks on Trump, I have been alarmed by his attacks on the press.  Undeterred, Trump again reposted an item this morning that featured a cartoon of CNN being hit by a train.  Some people have said that this is outrageous after the car attack in Charlottesville.  I think the objection should be directed at the pattern of images of press being beaten or run down by this President. The free press has helped guarantee civil liberties and good government in this country for over two hundred years.  Unlike…

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