Protect Your Self-Esteem! (2 min read)

My word, this is a great piece and guide.

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The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.”  ― Mark Twain

Some people may not pay attention very much on Self-esteem but it is important and it matters. Why? Because our Self-esteem affects the way we look at ourselves. How we perceive ourselves influences our actions, which will eventually affect the way we live our lives.

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The UK’s sticky divorce…

I thought I agree with your perspective. The BREXIT issue is long drawn and will remain so in view of Britain’s position in the EU hitherto. Great thoughts. Hoping someone listens.

My Perspective

Brexit. Aka marmite.
Are you the part of the 51.9% that love it, or the 48.1% that hate it? (referring to the controversial marmite of course).

Whether you wanted to leave the EU or not, tough luck! It is what it is. But now for the real question that’s obviously causing all the cabinet squabbles this week; a soft or hard transition?

As you may know, round 2 of negotiations between the divided Parliament and EU negotiator Michel Barnier is coming to an end. And what’s to show for it? Doubt, uncertainty and increased confusion across the U.K about our plans on how we leave, what will happen and how we are aiming to deal with the social (citizens’ rights) and economical (trade deals) problems.

A quick note for those of you who may not know the background of the people involved;
1. Due to the snap election called by…

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