Report: Saudi Arabia Remains Top Sponsor Of Islamic Extremists in Great Britain


Recently, President Donald Trump took credit for the move against Qatar as a sponsor or funder of Islamic extremism while again reaffirming support for Saudi Arabia, Qatar’s main critic.  It was a curious moment since the ties between Saudi Arabia and terrorist groups, including the 9-11 hijackers, is well established.  Now, a report from a respected think tank in England details how Saudi Arabia is the leading sponsor of Islamic extremism in Great Britain.  The Henry Jackson Society, a foreign affairs think-tank, has demanded an official inquiry about the “clear and growing link” between Saudi Arabia and other Arab allies and Islamist organisations, hate preachers and Jihadist groups promoting violence.  The British government has buried a  Home Office report into the existence and influence of Jihadist organisations, commissioned by former Prime Minister David Cameron in 2015.

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