Weekly Intelligence Report 5: Monitoring in Europe

inside the World all begins locally,(LOCGLOB),and then turns into global,(GLOCAL):the 45 Geopolitical Regions and the 296 leading Towns

June 16, 2017

Police arrest operations carried on in the wake of the London Bridge attack with continued raids in east London. Dominating news this reporting period was a tower block fire at Grenfell Tower in Notting Hill in which potentially dozens of people were killed when an allegedly faulty refrigerator set fire which quickly spread throughout the building on 14 June. A protest against a proposed DUP alliance with the Conservative party was held in Whitehall on 10 June and on the same day Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre was evacuated over a suspect package. On 9 June a man was shot dead by a motorbike gunman in Croydon.


 Stockholm, Sweden

A series of shooting incidents and armed robberies were reported in Stockholm including a shooting in Kungsangen on 13 June and an armed robbery of an electronics store in Barkarby on the same day. A mass brawl erupted into…

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