Zephaniah 1

Arlin Sorensen's Thoughts on Scripture

Zephaniah 1 has this prophet bringing the word of the Lord to God’s people in the day of Josiah.  And the word he has to share isn’t pretty.  “I will utterly sweep away everything from the face of the earth….I will stretch out my hand against Judah and against all the inhabitants of Jerusalem”.  God’s had enough of their sin and is going to deal with their sin and idol worship of Baal.  He is a jealous God and doesn’t tolerate our choice to share our affection with another god.

What’s driving God’s anger toward judgment?  “Those who have turned back from following the Lord, who do not seek the Lord or inquire of him”.  When we get full of ourselves and believe we can live without Him, things go poorly.  When we turn our back on Him and His Word and stop seeking…

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