Habakkuk 1

Arlin Sorensen's Thoughts on Scripture

Habakkuk 1 has the prophet carrying a burden of the vision he saw.  We really don’t know much about this prophet as this is the only book in the Bible his name appears.  Since he prophesied the coming Babylonian army and its destruction of Judah, he prophesied some time before that invasion. Many think that Habakkuk did his work sometime during the reign of King Johoiakim, perhaps around the year 607 b.c.  It is likely that he lived during the time of the godly king Josiah (640 to 609 b.c.) and then gave this prophecy during the reign of one of Josiah’s successors.

Habakkuk knew what it was like to live during a time of revival, and then to see God’s people and the nation slide away into sin.  Habakkuk sees the problem and presses God to see how long it will last.  “O Lord, how long shall I…

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