Sweden arrests man for ‘terrorist crime’ after truck attack

Sweden, Germany, Denmark and the rest of them will continue to arrest after the damage has been done. The trend will continue. I wonder how much of such truck ramming and lost lives it will take before they confront the reality of their situation.

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(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

STOCKHOLM: Sweden early Saturday (Apr 8) arrested a man for a “terrorist crime”, prosecutors said, hours after a beer truck ploughed into a crowd outside a busy department store in central Stockholm, killing four.

The man was arrested “on suspicion of a terrorist crime through murder,” Karin Rosander, a communications director at the Swedish Prosecution Authority, told AFP.

Pictures taken at the scene showed a large blue truck with a mangled undercarriage smashed into the Ahlens department store.

Witnesses described scenes of terror and panic.

One witness identified only as Dimitris told the Aftonbladet the truck came “out of nowhere.”

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said earlier he had strengthened the country’s border controls.

“Terrorists want us to be afraid, want us to change our behaviour, want us to not live our lives normally, but that is what we’re going to do. So terrorists can never defeat Sweden…

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