Navigating The News

(Re)Structuring Journalism

HuffPoHow do you find the news? Or, more to the point, how do you navigate the news?

It’s one thing to be alerted to breaking news or interesting stories – there are recommendations from friends via social media, news alerts on your phone, and other systems that let you know when something interesting is happening.  But what if you want to explore the news, tracking down threads from one story to the next, or pieces that contradict the one you just read, or simply content that’s related?

There are recommendation engines, of course, and some of them even work reasonably well.  But as I noted in a piece way back in 2011, most of them come to you in the form of lists.  Which are great as a means of sorting information, but certainly aren’t the only way to help you understand how stories might be related or how…

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Nahum 2

Arlin Sorensen's Thoughts on Scripture

Nahum 2 has the prophet explaining the battle for Ninevah.  In his vision the prophet sees a mighty army coming against the city of Nineveh. “For the Lord is restoring the majesty of Jacob as the majesty of Israel, for plunderers have plundered them and ruined their branches”.  God’s restoration for His people is connected to judgment and destruction on their enemies.  He is now dealing with one of their enemies and working to restore His people as He passes judgment on the Ninevites.

The battle for Nineveh is fierce and bloody, and though the defense is prepared they will be conquered.  The prophet not only sees the battle, he sees the outcome – Nineveh will fall before this mighty army, and she will be humbled and led away captive – “she is carried off”.  Nahum declares the troops defending Nineveh are like a pool of…

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