Amos 8

Arlin Sorensen's Thoughts on Scripture

Amos 8 has God speaking to Amos about the end of His people.  God shows Amos a basket of summer fruit.  Seems a bit strange as a vision of destruction.  But this was fruit that was ripe would not keep long. Just as the time is short for summer fruit, so the time is short for Israel.  And that end is going to be really severe.  “The end has come upon my people Israel….So many dead bodies”!  Ripe fruit is close to being thrown out, and a similar judgment will come upon “rotten” Israel.

God reminds us of the reality of sin.  “I will never forget any of their deeds”.  This reminds us that time can never erase sin.  Just waiting for the judgment related to sin to go away will never work. We often feel that if we or if others forget the sins of…

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