Hosea 13

Arlin Sorensen's Thoughts on Scripture

Hosea 13 has the prophet reminding God’s people that they took the wrong path.  “He exalted himself in Israel, But through Baal he did wrong and died”.  God never blessed Israel when they worshipped Baal, but that didn’t stop them.They kept after their idolatry more and more.  And it cost them dearly.  Sin always does.  Idols are not ok.  Worshipping other gods is not ok.  God doesn’t tolerate that because it is sin – a willful choice to put something else in the place only God belongs.

When we do, there is a price to pay.  Sin always comes with judgment.  “Therefore they will be like the morning cloud and like dew which soon disappears, like chaff which is blown away from the threshing floor and like smoke from a chimney”.  God is going to deal with the sinful choices that His people have made.  He…

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