The Unseen Sea – 10: Mind and the Enneagram

The Silent Eye

luca-scarabaa-basis-num10Part Ten of The Unseen Sea

If you have been following this series of posts, you may have detected a liberal use of the name LUCA. The Last Universal Common Ancestor was a term coined by evolutionary biology to refer to the first cellular life which can be traced back to be the common originator of all current life on Earth. The original LUCA, forming herself as a self-replicating spiral of RNA/DNA and ‘pulling’ a spherical membrane around her to protect her new form from the now-hostile environment, could hardly have exhibited all the properties that I have attributed to her in the previous posts.

I am, of course, using the fact that she was the ancestor of us all to illustrate that there was One Life on Earth and, in terms of inheritance, she is still it. I know of no other term that tries to retain this single…

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