And so today…

Sure under the sun, there is time for everything as the holy book says.

Dawn. The Sparkle Diaries.

And so today, there is time.  Time to write, time to think and time to reflect.  Life is good, overall, life is great.  Life is a beautiful blessing.  There are so many choices, opportunities and chances to take.  Do we let fear hold us back?

So what if we fail – at least we had a go and that’s a whole lot more than a lot of people do. We won’t be sitting there in twenty, thirty or more years thinking “Oh how I wish I had done that when I had the chance”.  There is always the possibility that you will succeed but you won’t know until you try.

What are we afraid of I wonder?  Failure or success?  Success could be life changing and isn’t that what following your dreams is all about?  Not just following those dreams but allowing them to fly, to live, to breathe.


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