It would be tempting to put together a second-hand report on the actual #FeesMustFall conflicts, but others like Daily Maverick opinionista Pearl Pillay are covering that better than I can.

It’s also difficult to verify the chilling social media reports in real time.  Last night, many of us followed #ULShutdown wondering whether help was on its way for innocent bystanders caught in it.  Who qualifies as an innocent bystander is a moot debate; they get shot at, pepper-sprayed and teargased anyway.

We’re upset that our tax money is being burned at universities because we prefer to have it spent civilly on oligarchs’ vacations — and those are increasingly more luxurious.  If protesters acted like good little citizens and rolled over, it would give the reassuring impression that all is well with our fair land.  So we present an alternative: the simplistic advice that they take their fight for free, high-quality…

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