The Unseen Sea – 7: The Energy of Fear

The Silent Eye


Part Seven of The Unseen Sea

The life force – the will to survive that had become LUCA – found that her life was contained in a bubble. She had no conception that the bubble was based on a circle, but circular forces were, indeed, at work within her.

The bubble that was a sphere defined her boundaries; those vital walls that kept her separated ‘self’ safe from the outside. In-here was safe. Out there was essential for food and the expulsion of waste. Out there, in an ironic twist, was potentially deadly to her wellbeing.

Out-there was where she had come from, and yet it now represented the place of threat – the unknown enemy of her new body. These concepts were chemical; but something different had happened: the proto-life that was LUCA had moved from organic chemistry to something of a higher level of organisation. ‘Life to be’…

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