Why North Is Afraid Of Restructuring Nigeria-Prof. ABC Nwosu |The Republican News

The Republican News

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By Iheanacho Nwosu,Abuja

Prof ABC Nwosu served as Political Adviser to erstwhile President Olusegun Obasanjo. He was later appointed minister of Health. In this interview, he spoke on the ongoing debate over restructuring. He argued that those kicking against restructuring are doing so because they are benefitting from the current warped system. He also spoke on the state of the economy and other national issues.

Are you surprised at Nigeria’s current situation or you expected it?
The current situation of Nigeria was not expected by anybody at the time of last general elections. Neither the PDP which I belong to nor the APC which successfully replaced us, was expecting that more than one year in power,  this will be the situation . And what is the situation? Officially, Nigeria is in recession. Politically, we are more divided than ever. The North east problem has not quite ended. If it has quite ended, then there would not be…

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