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Are you for or against the idea?

Me, I’m in the “for” column.

Why? because I love all types of books! I’ve written two books for children and another children’s picture book just returned from the editor. Fingers crossed it will be out in October 2017.

But… I am also writing an adult mystery and a YA book.

I’d hate to think I couldn’t spread my wings and write across genres.

Marcy Kennedy makes some very good points and gives thoughts on the pros and cons to writing in multiple genres.

I write because I enjoy writing, in the same way, I enjoy reading. A good story is a good story no matter the genre.

Click and read what Ms. Kennedy has to say and then tell me, do you think it’s a good or bad idea?

Indie Choices: Writing in Multiple Genres or Specializing

I’d love to hear from you!…

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