Biafran War In Chronological Order.


1. December 1964 Federal elections

2. October 1965 Regional elections

3. Post-election violence in Western Nigeria (1965/66)

4. The military takes over the Government: (January 1966)

5. Anti-Ironsi demonstrations and killing of Igbos in the North (April/May 1966)

6. Overthrow of Ironsi’s regime and death of Ironsi (July 1966)

7. Gowon seizes power, and in consultation with only Northern officers and politicians, forms government. Killings of Igbo officers continues unabated. (August 1966)

8. Ojukwu offers to confer with Gowon to end bloodshed and asks for repatriation of troops to their regional origins to lower tension; says offer was refused by Gowon. (August 1966)

9. Out of safety concerns, Ojukwu refuses to go to Lagos for meeting of the 4 regional military governors but is still hopeful of peace resolution. (August 1966)

10. Mass exodus of over 300,000 Igbos from the North to the East resulting from flare up of many…

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