Female Hajj Pilgrim In NDLEA Net Excretes Six More Wraps Of Cocaine

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ONE week after she excreted 76 pellets of drugs that tested positive to cocaine, Ms. Binuyo Basari Iyabo, a pilgrim who was recently arrested by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) during the outward screening of passengers on an Emirates flight from Abuja to Medina, through Dubai, has excreted six more wraps of the pellets.
In a statement yesterday, NDLEA commander at the Abuja airport, Hamisu Lawan, said the woman would be prosecuted in line with the anti-narcotics laws of the country.
Lawan disclosed that the total number of wraps of cocaine expelled by the suspect while under observation was 82.
He said: “Ms. Binuyo Basari Iyabo while under observation expelled 82 wraps of cocaine weighing 931 grammes. All arrangements have been concluded for her prosecution.”
Iyabo, 55, who hails from Kwara State, had told the NDLEA that she was lured into…

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Canada Wants the U.S. to Change Its ‘Ludicrous’ Marijuana Policy

The Muslim Times

Source: Time

By Katie Reilly

Canada plans to push the United States to change a “ludicrous” current policy that forbids Canadians who admit to previously using marijuana from entering the U.S.

A spokesman for the Canadian government said on Friday that it has been in discussions with the U.S. government about Canada’splans to legalize marijuana, Reuters reported. But the spokesman said the travel policy has not yet been addressed.

The policy drew attention when a Canadian man in 2014 was barred from entering the U.S. after he admitted he had smoked marijuana recreationally, Reuters reported.

“We obviously need to intensify our discussions with our border authorities in the United States, including the Department of Homeland Security,” Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said in an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corp late on Thursday, according to Reuters.

“This does seem to be a ludicrous situation,” he said.

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DIVINE PRESENCE: ‘Doors of Perception’, The Multi-Dimensional Self – By Jeff Street


Source – wakingtimes.com

“…An over-soul creates one or more souls for the purpose of connecting to physical bodies in the physical planes of existence — the lower frequency bands of the Universe – Physical life provides unique and highly formative experiences that are much sought after by a wide variety of non-physical beings. Physical experience, while challenging, is a spiritual evolution fast track and therefore highly coveted”:

(The Multi-Dimensional Self – By Jeff Street)

Whether you know it or not, you are a multidimensional being of staggering proportions. You are more than meets the eye, much more — more than your body, more than your soul, in fact, you are an integral part of the Universe. You are present on many levels of reality simultaneously and more powerful than you have ever imagined. Are you ready to expand your concept of selfhood to include higher selves, other/parallel selves, and…

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HYPNOTIC STATES OF AMERICA: The American Golden Calf – By Bob Livingston


Source – personalliberty.com

“…Wars are not for patriotism and “democracy,” as we are propagandized. And our freedom has not been threatened by outside forces in 200 years. Wars are to kill; i.e., mass ritual murder. Additionally, big business and globalist banksters in league with Satan reap massive profits for the killing and sacrifice of young men (lambs) on all sides of combat”:

(The American Golden Calf – By Bob Livingston)

As a boy I enjoyed my family’s bantam chickens that laid very small eggs and hatched very small chicks. Theirs was a small and miniature world.

One day one of my bantams started sitting on eggs to hatch its chicks. Something happened to her eggs but she continued to sit, so I decided to put a duck egg under her. Duck eggs are at least three times bigger than bantam eggs and take a few days longer to hatch…

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Christian Girl Kidnapped For Moslem Conversion, Forced Marriage, A Christian Group Petitions Nigeria Police Force

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