Leaked catalog from UK surveillance arms-dealer full of gadgets sold to US cops

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Cobham PLC is a surveillance vendor who sells to some of the world’s most egregious human rights abusing governments; in 2014, they provided a catalog of cyberweapons and spy tools to Florida Department of Law Enforcement, from whom it leaked.

The catalog is part of the ongoing transfer of military/nation-state style weapons and tools to local law enforcement departments — the surveillance equivalent of the armored cars, rocket launchers and grenades that the LA school police bought a couple years ago.

The catalog is full of nasties, including a cellular jammer that will kill mobile service if the cops decide that the people in their vicinity shouldn’t be able to get the word out about what’s going on; Stingray-alikes that let cops harvest the identities of people at a given time and place, and trackers for cellphones that let cops follow someone based on their phone’s unique radio…

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