New Zentangle Pattern

Write of Passage

Today was one of those Hurry Up and Wait days. You know the type– you have to rush to get somewhere at a specific time, you’re on time or even (gasp!) early. And then you get to play the waiting game–everywhere you go. After a full morning of this game, I arrived home at about 1:00 because the propane company swore they would be out this afternoon. Well, it’s now 6:30 PM and still no new, full tank. And I rushed home without completing several other important errands. Not a happy camper.

While I waited for the non-delivery, I occupied myself by learning a new Zentangle pattern, called Zenith. I saw it on the Zentangle Mosaic app, and followed the directions. Then I started to experiment with fountain pen instead of micron pen.

It will take me a while to use this as part of a tile, but I…

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