Open borders…

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File:Spices1.jpg Photo: Bertrand Devouard GFDL CCASA3

The virus that has been bugging me for the past week or two, manifesting itself under various  guises in order the hide from effective treatment, finally decided a couple of days ago that it would try pretending to be a cold. I am still not convinced that this is not just another feint and it will find some new avenue to explore, but a cold I can handle. There is an old saying, ‘feed a cold, starve a fever’. I decided to feed it. We have a workshop in a little over a week’s time. If necessary, I would feed it out of existence.

Thus, at six thirty in the morning, I was already in the kitchen, working on the premise that if I shoved some stuff in the pot early enough in the day, then whatever time I managed to get home from work…

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