Write of Passage

Earlier today, while the power went out for the second time this hot Caribbean Auguat afternoon, I pulled up my iPad mini to see if my portable Internet hotspot was working. Whew! It was! It’s quite a bit slower than our household internet access, but it can get the job done so long as the relay station didn’t get zapped by a local outage.

About a month or so ago, Apple (which clearly knows too much about me!) sent me an email announcing a new app I might want to check out. The app is called Zentangle Mosaic, and it is from the originators of the art form known as Zentangle. I checked out the free app, and found loads of beautiful tangles, some even by regular people; that is, not Certifird Zentangle Teachers. The problem with the free app is that it has certain limitations–ones that may not…

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