Frou-frou foxes in midsummer fires

Bill Pearse

DSC_0526 Charlotte in Germany 2009, with mom’s old dog Merlin

I dropped the kids off at theater camp with the other awkward-looking children not cut out for sports, pale and withdrawn, future artists: and Charlotte’s outfit, a riot of stripes and patterns — she’s still doing that thing where she closes one eye and flicks her head to the side then closes the other but has no self-consciousness about it, just walks and toggles eye to eye (the Parallax View Phenomenon), and she’s right where she belongs now, at theater camp.

And I spend the morning doing chores to feel less guilty leaving Dawn with the kids for the rest of the week while I go hiking, and finish packing for my trip, stealing her maxi-pads for my first aid kit because they’re good to stop the bleeding I explain, and she agrees — and I’ve gone back to November…

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