It is your allowance of re-blogging that made me appreciate your thoughts and sharing same. Thanks

Write of Passage

Re-blogging and other sharing options are important to getting and maintaining blog readership. Re-blog is a powerful tool. Only recently have I come to appreciate the power of allowing my posts to be shared by others. Along the way, I have also learned other things that may be helpful to WordPress bloggers. So I am sharing my thoughts on sharing options.

For the past several days, I’ve been wondering about the re-blog option on my site and why it is absent from several of my favorite sites. For starters, I have been wondering how to turn “re-blog” on/off. I’ve looked at the settings, sharing options, customizations, and several other places, and can’t figure out where one goes to control re-blogging. Oh, well. I don’t want to change the oprion on my page; I just wanted to know how to do it. That’s because I have come to appreciate the power…

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