Fooling Around

Fooling around if indeed that is what it is, with intent to take in the beauty the environment and people could provide, is indeed a sure way engaging the mind along literary lines I thought. A good piece in my view

Write of Passage

Some days are for simply fooling around.

While I am “in the mood,” I thought I would pre-string a few Zentangle tiles. And maybe finally try out those brush pens I ordered. Break some rules for days when I can’t come up with anything to get me started.

That brush pen set I ordered weeks ago was a disappointment, color wise. I was hoping for a full spectrum of primary and secondary colors. In a way, that’s what I got. But I really wanted a brighter yellow instead of the ochre that was in the package. So I set the pens aside for a while, figuring I would probably end up giving them away. But today, as I was pre-stringing some tiles, I realized that, because I won’t use he brush pens for any other purpose, maybe it’s a good day to break them out and gain a feel for…

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