Start up: Pokemon Go’s $3.6bn sum, iPad v Linux?, the rise of wanksomware, GCHQ’s link honeypot, and more

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“Wow, I can see where the pound-dollar exchange rate used to be!” Photo by Janitors on Flickr.

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Pokémon GO: an opportunity, not a threat • App Annie

Sameer Singh:

»The Pokémon GO phenomenon is showing little sign of losing steam. The app continues to earn daily revenue of over $10m on iOS and Google Play combined, even though it has been over three weeks since its initial launch. Because of its unprecedented success, we have received numerous inquiries from our customers about its effect on revenue and user engagement of other leading apps and games.

Interestingly, it appears that Pokémon GO’s impact has been largely additive to…

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About those Melania Trump photos

All aimed at bringing Trump down, right? the Pull Him Down syndrome in politics.

Media Nation

In case you haven’t heard, the New York Post today is running 20-year-old nude photos of Melania Trump. The pictures were taken during a modeling session for which she was presumably paid. There doesn’t seem to be any scandal associated with the photos. And yet, last night, I saw a number of people denounce the Post‘s decision to publish them as “sexist.”

Is it? I wouldn’t have published the photos. You’ll notice that I’m not linking to them. Yet when various media outlets published a mostly nude photo of Scott Brown during his mercifully brief career as a national political figure, I don’t recall anyone denouncing that as sexist.

File this under “no big deal.” Especially after Donald Trump viciously attacked the Khans, the Constitution-waving Gold Star parents who spoke out against Trump’s hatred of Muslims at last week’s Democratic National Convention. That, folks, is a big deal.

Update: Here’s…

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How the wind played us like an instrument that night

Quite creative I thought.

Bill Pearse

IMG_2413The morning feeding ritual at Mike’s, two dogs, two cats, the quiet crunching of animals chewing, a dishwasher churning, the bathroom fan, the soothing sound of it like rain hitting the roof, going down the drain spouts into the ground: waking to a cool, morning breeze where I once lived in Mike’s basement in West Seattle, not far from the California Alaska junction, the bars we sometimes visited before we had kids with names like Shadow Land or West 5: coming back that November after five months in France and five in Pennsylvania when Mike put me up with my two cats until I found a place of my own, that birthday I turned 28, a Monday at the end of the month when I’d just started working again and no one said anything, no one knew, the sideways rains of November when I had to take the bus…

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My Eulogy

I thought it’s a shared knowledge for all. A lesson in relationships could be learnt here.

When I first met My husband, I didn’t like him very much. He was cocky, arrogant and reminded me of the people in school who bullied me. Two years later, we would meet again and this time, we just clicked.

On our first date in 1989, He asked me if he could kiss me and I said no. He looked a little confused (as if he wasn’t used to hearing “no”) but then he asked me why not. I told him I didn’t like kissing on a first date and that most guys didn’t ask and I thought it was nice that he had. He grinned and said:
“Nice enough to give me a kiss?”
“Nice try buddy!” I laughed; he was just too cute. Then he wanted to know what would have happened if he hadn’t asked. “I guess, I would’ve been kissed…” I shrugged and he stole his…

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