Isaiah 9

Arlin Sorensen's Thoughts on Scripture

Isaiah 9 has the prophet continuing to talk about the hardship that lies ahead for God’s people.  But in his prophecy, he also gives hope for the tribes of the north.  The northern regions of the Promised Land – around the Sea of Galilee – were the most severely ravaged when the Assyrians invaded from the north. The promise is that this land, once seemingly lightly esteemed by the Lord, will one day have a special blessing.  They will be the first to see the light of the Messiah.  God hasn’t forgotten them.

As Isaiah prophecies about the coming Messiah and the victory He will bring, He gives the people a reminder of Gideon and the victory at Midian.  Just as wonderfully complete, joyous, and victorious as Gideon’s victory over Midian was, this is the same kind of victory the Messiah will enjoy and give.  Jesus is coming (Messiah) and…

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