Introduction to Poetry: Day 10

Write of Passage

Day 10 Prompt: the Future

Suggested form: Sonnet

To a poet, the writing of a sonnet undoubtedly comes more easily than it can for me.

It has been fifty years since last I tried my hand at writing a sonnet. It was a torturous process then, and clearly has become no easier in the intervening decades–not that I have tried it since it was assigned as homework in English class. Back then, there seemed to be much time to come up with a classic Shakesperean sonnet. Today, time is short and more pressing–so little future lies before me.

So, in my need to bring closure to this class, I wrote what can be termed a sonnet in iambic pentameter, but without the traditional rhyme scheme. Mine is just a joke of aabbcc etc. There was no way to get either serious or humorous about this form, at least not today…

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