Intro to Poetry: Day 6 — Screen, Enjambment

Great thoughts and guide to appreciating peotry.

Write of Passage

The definition of Enjambment as a poetic device is a bit more complex and interesting than expressed in this class’s resource page. But the overall meaning is essentially the same. For some good examples from classic poets, click on the link in the quote below.

Functions of Enjambment

Enjambment can be used to surprise the readers by delaying the meaning of a line until the following line is read. Some writers use this technique to bring humorous effects to their work. It is good to use in verse in order to create a sense of natural motion.

In poetry, the role of enjambment is normally to let an idea carry on beyond the restrictions of a single line. Another purpose of enjambment is to continue a rhythm that is stronger than a permanent end-stopping wherein complicated ideas are expressed in multiple lines.


The topic of today’s poem…

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