Song of Solomon 3

Arlin Sorensen's Thoughts on Scripture

Song of Solomon 3 has the maiden having a bad night.  She woke up and instantly felt alone, missing her beloved.  “On my bed by night I sought him whom my soul loves; I sought him, but found him not”.  There was a constant longing to be together.  This is another dream or daydream of the maiden expressing how much she wants to be with her soul mate.  When she awoke, she didn’t just miss him, she took action and sought after him.  It caused her to take action and pursue him to be with him again.

Can you imagine the difference in our walk with Christ if we were to wake up and realize we were not with Him, and then we sought Him like this story portrays?  The maiden gets up in the middle of the night, goes into town, asks the watchmen to help, and finds…

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The Everyday Crimes of Race and Class

radical eyes for equity

Consider carefully the U.S. when children were subjected to horrific labor.

Were the children culpable for that abuse? Did children have the physical or political power to end the abuse?

Or were the adults responsible—the only agents of that process capable of ending child labor?

These may seem to be silly questions with obvious answers, but when racism, classism, and sexism are confronted in the U.S., many shift the accusatory finger to the victims, calling for the victims themselves to right the wrongs leveled against them.

Black and brown people in the U.S. did not create racism, do not perpetuate racism, and cannot end racism. Poor people do not cause poverty, and despite what pandering conservatives believe, cannot “think [their] way out of poverty.” And women are not the cause of rape culture, inequitable pay, and domestic abuse; they cannot end them either.

Change ultimately lies with those who have…

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My Deepest Sympathy

Musings on Life & Experience

To all who have lost loved ones in the recent horrific action of a truck driver in Nice, France, I offer my deepest sympathy.

I cannot fathom the hate, the twisted mind of the man who set out to kill and gravely injure so many people leaving so many others to suffer.

What started as a celebration ended as a black mark on the history of Nice, France, and the world. This has been added to too many other black moments in history.

I can only come to the conclusion this hate has its roots in poverty and lack of a proper education ending in wars and hatred, a lack of humanity. The very word “humanity” is meant to mean humans being kind to other humans. When there’s a lack of it, humans behave worse than wild animals. Indeed, wild animals often show more kindness than humans. Most of them…

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Building Booms and Bribes: The Corruption Risks of Urban Development

GAB | The Global Anticorruption Blog

Windfall gains often create opportunities for corruption. The big inflow of money increases the opportunities and incentives for kickbacks and bribery as a means to capture new funds. Well-known examples of this phenomenon include disaster relief efforts, resource booms, and humanitarian aid. Yet the concern is not limited to those contexts. Changes in the price and value of land in a given area can also create the opportunity for windfall, and associated corruption risks.

The corruption risks in the land sector and real estate industry have been discussed broadly as pervasive; routine land administration and land grabbing provide ample opportunities for corruption to flourish where land governance is weak. Yet these discussions sometimes overlook another sort of corruptogenic windfall in land markets, one that is often hiding in plain sight: the effects of gentrification of urban centers. Experiences from cities around the world exemplify three common…

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