Investigating corruption allegations

When corruption allegations fly as commonly as mosquitos as it is happening in Nigeria, it is advisable for journalists (investigative journalists if there are) to be very careful not to fall victim to the agenda of informants trying to use them to neutralise their rivals, remove obstacles and realise their own ambitions. It is more professional not to rush to press or move further on the story until you have investigated all sides of the story. This is necessary because too often manipulative sources or informants understand how journalists like to jump and run with scoops without taking the time to find out everything that is really going on.

Corruption covers literally a myriad of sins. There is need to be sure if one is investigating fraud (lies and false information); rule breaking, nepotism (giving a job, contract or favour to a friend or family member); bribery, negligence, inadequate controls, deliberate wrondoing or what? This step is necessary to give the right focus in the course of investigation.